"Love it! The government says you should listen to 5 of their songs a day."

  Franks Skinner, Room 101.

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The London Vegetable Orchestra is the UK's only ensemble dedicated to bringing you the best in ‘Home Grown’ entertainment. The orchestra is made up of pure, hand-crafted local vegetable produce. Showcasing a mouth-watering brass section of courgettes, squashes, peppers and cassava roots, soaring winds featuring carrot recorders and a banging percussion section including freshly carved pumpkins. Performing classic songs throughout the ages with a ‘fresh’ twist such as Elvis Parsley's ‘Blue Swede Shoes’ and the Michael Jackson hit ‘Billie Aubejean’. This dynamic ensemble showcases a naturally unique music experience that’s good enough to eat.


The group has had multiple appearances on national TV.  Most recently on the BBC’s Room 101, Countryfile and CBBC as well as ITV's ‘Let's do Lunch’ with Gino & Mel. The group has also been involved in some interesting musical collaborations including a recent advertising project with LG as well as a session with recording artist Mika covering his song ‘Celebrate’ for an MSN viral video. And it doesn’t stop there. The London Vegetable Orchestra also does work in schools and takes part in local community events – another string to their nutritious bow.