Brass Neck’s musical team building sessions are tested and proven methods of bringing people together from your place of work. We  have had outstanding results! We have experience in providing tailor made days to suit any scale and have been recognised across the country for our excellence in this field.


Our sessions will always have a creative element to them, either making your own instruments with The London vegetable Orchestra, creating a brand new piece of music with our fantastic group Tafahum or joining forces with Focus Opera to sing your heart out. Our aim is always to create, perform, record and then listen. Our clients love the fact that they have achieved something by the end of the day that they can take away and keep forever.


When trying to reach your end goal there are a number of aspects that we take into consideration. Firstly your knowledge of your own team is second to none, so we are always keen to learn as much about them as possible before the event. Musical animators are fantastically flexible, which I think sets our sessions apart from the rest. Their ability to change an approach during delivery when necessary is fundamental to our unparalleled success. As a company we have found the following points to be key in a fun, enjoyable and productive day.


                         Musicology:                    In our team building sessions, we aim to highlight individual                                                                                        strengths and how these need to work together to create a successful                                                                        end goal - just like a balanced orchestra.


                         Undermine:                    We find that competitive team building can leave people deflated if they                                                                      end up fitting into the 'loser' category. Singling out people's weaknesses                                                                    can have an adverse effect and take away from the benefits of the team                                                                    building session so best to leave the school sports team attitude at the                                                                      door. 


                         Size matters:                  The ideal team size is 10 or less! Make sure that even when working                                                                          with groups of a large size like 150, that the session is broken down for                                                                      the most part of the day and then brought back together. People need to                                                                    be involved to enjoy, there also needs to be no space or room to hide! 


                 I in team:                         Groups need mangers, not leaders. We try to encourage people                                                                                   takingcontrol,  but in the right way. A good manager is somebody that                                                                         can organise a group's thoughts whilst involving everybody, making                                                                           their points valid and opinions heard. There is a fine line between a                                                                            'know it all' and a balanced manager. 


                 Control expectations:     Don't expect all workplace issues to be solved through one session.                                                                           Team building can't stop finance chasing or the photocopier from                                                                               breaking down, but it enhances people's wellbeing in the workplace                                                                           as they feel more valued and have established bonds within the                                                                                    company, which can mean they stay there for longer.





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